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Hide & Seek Kids

The Adventure Playground

The Adventure Playground

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levate your backyard into a thrilling epicenter of fun with Hide & Seek Kids' very own Adventure Playground. Witness the wonder as your kids embark on exhilarating escapades, nurture their physical prowess, and forge enduring friendships, all within the secure confines of your home.

This isn't just your average swing set; it's an all-encompassing play haven designed to keep your children captivated. From the robust swings to the daring climbing wall and the generously-sized play deck, this playground offers it all.

The Adventure Playground is a catalyst for imaginative play and physical activity. Whether they're conquering monkey bars, soaring through the sky on the swings, or inventing their own games, your children will be fully immersed, active, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Equipped with multiple swings and an expansive play deck, The Adventure Playground is tailor-made for play dates and fostering social interaction. Encourage your child to invite friends over for outdoor adventures, facilitating the development of crucial social skills while enjoying non-stop fun.

Note: Please be aware that product specifications and features are subject to enhancements for continuous improvement. Some product images may showcase additional accessories and styling that are not included in the standard Hide & Seek Kids package.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: Listed in images
Recommended Age: 3 and up
Weight Capacity: 120kg
Number of Swings: 1 Standard Swing + 1 Nest Swing
Climbing Features: Monkey bars, Step bridge, Tunnel crawl, Slide

Carton Dimensions:

  • Carton 1: 72cm x 72cm x 22cm - 25kg
  • Carton 2: 140cm x 20cm x 25cm - 25kg
  • Carton 3: 140cm x 20cm x 25cm - 24kg
  • Carton 4: 170cm x 22cm x 16cm - 25kg
  • Carton 5: 129cm x 32cm x 17cm - 24kg
  • 2.2m Grey Slide: 231cm x 48cm x 25cm - 8kg
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