Lay-by Terms & Conditions

These Lay-by Terms and Conditions ("Terms") govern the use of our lay-by service at Hide & Seek Kids. By entering into a lay-by agreement with us, you agree to abide by these Terms, as well as the applicable Australian Consumer Law requirements. Please read these Terms carefully before proceeding with a lay-by.

How to set up a Lay-by –

  1. Browse the Hide & Seek Kids website, add the products to your cart.
  2. Checkout the order like any other purchase but select “Lay-by” within the payment method of the checkout. Double check your email address is correct, this is our primary means of communication.
  3. Hide & Seek Kids will then receive the Lay-by order, it will be processed, and your Lay-by account will be set up.
  4. You will receive an email with your Lay-by Invoice, this email will include all the “How to Pay” details.
  5. If you do not receive this Lay-by email within a few days, please contact Hide & Seek Kids.

Minimum value – Lay-by is available on purchases of $200 or more.

Service Fee – A $15 non-refundable service fee will be charged for all lay-by's; this is included in the deposit. 

Deposit – Each new Lay-by requires a minimum $165 deposit at the time of receiving the Lay-by invoice. Deposits not paid within 7 days of invoice will result in the lay-by cancellation.

Exclusions – Lay-by is not available on sale items.

Term – 

  1. Standard lay-by is available for a 90-day term and must be paid in full and collected by the finalisation date printed on the receipt. 
  2. The Christmas lay-by is a rolling term lay-by with the final date being the Monday 18th November 2024 and therefore the lay-by must also be paid in full and collected or shipped by this date.

Payments – Lay-by's are self-managed, allowing the buyer the flexibility to make payments as frequently and in whatever amounts you prefer.

Fully Paid Lay-by's – All lay-by's that are paid off will be organised for delivery within 5 business days. Hide & Seek Kids will not hold any orders.

Payment Methods – Bank deposit is the only accepted method of payment. Ensure reference numbers are used on all payments. Failure to identify payments will result in delays in reconciled balances and lay-by collections/delivery.

Reminders – Throughout the duration of the Lay-by term, the buyer will receive via e-mail several reminders. These reminders will include balance due and the lay-by end date.

Cancellation – If you cancel your Lay-by, fail to make payments when they are due, or fail to collect Lay-by's by the due date we will refund you all amounts paid, minus a cancellation fee of $150 and $15 service fee, totaling $165.

Unpaid Lay-by's cannot be extended beyond the final date, unpaid lay-by's will result in cancellation.

No Modification – Lay-by orders cannot be modified.

Collection – The Lay-by must be paid in full before goods can be taken or delivered.