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Disc Swing

Disc Swing

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Introducing our Disc Swing - the perfect addition to your outdoor play area! Crafted with durability and safety in mind, our disc swing offers endless fun for kids of all ages. Designed to swing smoothly and securely, it provides a thrilling experience while ensuring utmost safety.

Made from high-quality materials, this swing is built to withstand the elements and hours of playtime.

With a generous length of 2 meters, it provides ample room for swinging excitement.

Whether your little ones want to soar through the air or enjoy a gentle swaying motion, our Disc Swing is versatile enough to accommodate their every whim. Perfect to hang from a sturdy tree branch, it's the ultimate outdoor accessory to encourage active play and create lasting memories.

  • Main rope length: 2m
  • Seat/Feet Platform: 30cm
  • Small grab discs: 10cm
  • Maximum weight: 60kg
  • Carabiner included
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